II. Read the text again and find the phrases which best describe pictures on the slides.

Whatever country we come from, whatever colour our skin is, we all have one thing in common: we are all people of the world.

Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich culture, just south ot China. People call it 'the jewel of south-east Asia' for a good reason. Its tropical climate, white sandy beaches and ancient temples make it a perfect holiday destination. What makes it really special, though, is its people.

Thai people are good-looking. They are short with delicate features. They have got black hair, dark eyes and light brown skin. The Thais are friendly people who are well known for being generous and kind. "We are a happy people who have strong wills and are especially proud of our history," says Kasem from Bangkok.

Most people in Thailand live in villages. A typical Thai village consists of wooden houses, a school and a Buddhist temple. Most of the people in the villages are farmers and fishermen. The men usually work in the fields or catch fish in the rivers, and the women plant the crops.

Family life is very important in Thailand, and families often eat together. Thai food is very spicy and includes curries, fish, seafood, soups and noodles. "We eat rice with our meals and use a lot of strong spices in our cooking," explains Kasem.

Thai people love to enjoy themselves. Popular free-time activities include Thai boxing and watching traditional dance shows. Thais also celebrate many festivals throughout the year. "My favourite holiday is Surin, in November, when we always have elephant football matches," says Kasem.

Thailand is a wonderful country. Its fascinating sights, rich cultural history and warm-hearted people make it unique.

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