Quickworksheets – генератор контрольных листов

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Quickworksheets создан в 2010 году, Adelaide, Australia.


  • Make 3 types of worksheet.
  • Store 10 worksheets online.
  • Limited feature set.

Все эти контрольные листы были созданы Quickworksheets. Можно скачать или открыть в генераторе. с помощью которого можно  быстро создать и оформить свой контрольный лист.

Worksheet thumbnail.

Fruit and Vegetables   Open as Word Scramble



Handwriting Practice  Open as Handwriting



Animals – Open as Wordsearch
Irregular Verbs –  Open as Matching Triples


Irregular Verbs –  Open as Matching Triples


In the Kitchen –  Open as Crossword


“The Road Not Taken” –  Open as Cloze Test


Beauty, Beautiful or Beautifully –  Open as Fill-in-the-Blank


All About Jeff –   Open as Info Gap Activity


Around the House – Open as Bingo Sheet


Cities and Landmarks –  Open as Multiple Choice


Parts of Speech –  Open as Category Sort


Adverbs of Frequency – Open as Order Sort


Commonly Misspelled Words –   Open as Spelling Test


Churchill Quote –  Open as Cryptogram Puzzle


“The Sick Lion” –  Open as Proofreading


Warm Up ESL Quiz –  Open as Small Cards


Weather – Open as Flashcards


The United Kingdom –  Open as Customisable


Present Continuous Tense –Open as Q & A

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